Scoring New To Bank Customers

Indonesia has one of the largest pool of unbanked customers in the world. However, despite the banks and lenders’ efforts to launch innovative ways to make the banking process smooth, easy, and hassle-free for the new-to-bank, they are still rejecting most of them.

One of the top 10 Indonesian banks serving over 2 million customers realized the opportunity that laid with this untouched pool of unbanked customers. The bank had a comprehensive array of products and services being delivered through physical branches, mobile and web banking. It now wanted to increase the number of loans it disbursed to the new-to-bank (NTB) customers by using an underwriting process that was fair to the applicants and yet highly predictable of their behaviour.

The Challenges

  • Increasing approval rates
  • Over 85% of the applicants being rejected
  • Low predictability of existing underwriting process

The Solution

  • Include mobile device metadata to score customers
  • Launched CredoSDK within 2-weeks for ease of assessment of applicants
  • The credit scoring algorithm was customised to fit the market and the customers of the bank specifically


Increase in Approval Rates

User Adoption

(% of customers who grant permissions)

Time to Yes

(time from scoring request to response)