Banks and Consumer Finance

Say “Yes” to more customers. Enhance your traditional scoring risk practice with credolab's digital credit scoring solution to assess new market segments. Our alternative credit score enables banks & consumer finance to predict customer creditworthiness like never before – thanks to your applicant’s smartphone metadata. This financial technology empowers banks and lenders to access entirely new market segments largely ignored by traditional credit bureau scores.

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using mobile metadata

Expansion to new market segments

Dramatically improve access to new market segments, such as the new-to-credit (NTC), new-to-bank, thin file, millennials and self-employed.

Lower cost of risk

Use the predictive capability of machine-learning to consistently improve digital scorecards - while lowering the cost of risk.

Faster decisions

Our financial technology platform shortens the time-to-yes from days, to seconds, with scores delivered in real time.

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