Building data monetization platforms together

CredoLab joins hands with Sapio to bring their AI-powered analytics platform to clients with a large customer audience. Using CredoLab’s proprietary mobile technology and predictive Machine Learning algorithms, and Sapio’s frictionless Fintech-as-a-Service B2B platform, we help Airlines, Telecoms, Mobile Money Operators, Payment Solution Providers, Wallets, Media companies, and Retailers generate new scalable revenue streams. We accomplish that by converting their audience into high quality leads, pre-screened for purchase intent and risk/affordability. With our matching algorithm, we enable banks, insurance companies, and consumer finance companies to target and acquire the very best and most valuable customers, building scalable revenue growth.

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Why Should This Excite You?

Monetize User Base & Data Assets

Generate a new revenue stream by converting the existing users of your products into leads that insurers and financial institutions want to target.

Digitize Your Processes

Integrate mobile tech, Machine Learning, AI, and distribution capabilities that can significantly benefit your core business.

Remain Data Compliant

Stay compliant with local and global data-privacy laws by accessing insights generated from consented, non-intrusive, and anonymous data.

Drive Better Customer Experience

Create the ultimate customer experience by enabling increased financial literacy and access to insurance and financial services for qualified and interested users.

Optimize Your Processes

Provide high-touch customer engagement, campaign ROI optimization, Customer Lifetime Value enhancements, and scalable alternative credit risk underwriting.

Aggregate Your Audience

Leverage our Retail Value Management (RVM) and Fintech deep expertise to engineer profitable growth and responsibly cater to the increased demand for financial access from the emerging middle class.

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